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Other Areas Where You Can Benefit from My Services

I started Berkley Automotive Mobile Mechanic Services 28 years ago. By being a licensed, bonded, insured and certified mobile mechanic, the residents of Wasilla, AK trust me with the services I offer. My rates are competitive, and I also give a 60-day warranty on my labor. Because people trust me and request my services, my business and popularity started growing, so I started expanding my business in the following cities in Alaska:

  • Sutton
  • Palmer
  • Wasilla
  • Talkeetna
  • Eagle River
  • Anchorage
  • Girdwood

With me at your side, you will have nothing to worry about. I can work on automobiles, ATV’s, air boats, jet skis, snow machines 4X4’s and most small engines.

I confidently bring to you, 29 years of experience in a wide variety of applications including electrical and computer diagnostics, , steering component systems, disc or drum brake systems, tune-ups, carburetor rebuilds, water pump/thermostat cooling systems, heater core replacements, engine timing,suspensions, clutch replacements for front wheel drive and rear wheel drive applications, engine overhaul including, head gasket replacements, bearings, emissions, fuel injection systems and fuel pump replacements, steering components, cooling systems, head gaskets, load leveling kits, and minor welding. ATV repairs including drive belt replacement, professional roadside service  fuel systems, and troubleshooting electrical issues just to name a few.

Expeditious, punctual, and friendly services
Satisfaction guaranteed
References available upon request

Thank you for choosing Berkley Automotive Mobile Mechanic Services, and as always, blessed be the name of our Lord.
Paul T. Berkley


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